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How to select a wedding decor company in Toronto that is right for you.

Being one of the leading full service wedding decor and rental company in Toronto we decided to look at this topic from the insiders point of view. Let’s see what would be the most important for us if we were hiring a wedding decorator or a wedding decor company for an event in Toronto. (Please note that always uses in house wedding decorators to set up our events to insure the best quality of the setup of the wedding decorations for our clients in Toronto, GTA and surrounding area).

But if we were to hire a wedding decorator for our event in Toronto – this would be the most important plus and minus points for us.

First and the most important – is the professionalism and the knowledge of the wedding decor industry. Not just wedding decoration trends – but you as client must pay a special attention on how comfortable your possible wedding decorator is with the subject. So the first – you must feel good about what you see and hear.

Second. Where. If you are meeting in a coffee shop or the decorator comes to your house. This is a HUGE NO and NEVER. You must hire a wedding decorator only if you see that person in his or her professional environment. So second point is LOCATION. The wedding decorator in Toronto must have an office, a warehouse. If it is a home based business – make sure that you see the actual materials and stock of this wedding decor company in Toronto. Just pictures of events are not enough. Always ask to see the real work.

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Third. Once we are comfortable and certain that the wedding decor company is established well enough and owns enough of its own wedding decor stock we move to the PRICE. Wedding decor is a very labour intensive business. The more of wedding decorations you need for your wedding in Toronto or any other city, the more it will cost you. Make sure that wedding decorations that you are discussing with the wedding decorator are listed per item. That the backdrop design has a good description – such as fabrics that are being used for the draping, the size, the lighting – all has to be put on paper to make sure that there is no misunderstanding. Same thing for head table wedding decorations – make sure that all is written down. If the total wedding decoration cost is too high for your planned budget try to discuss the options of adjusting the wedding decor to fit the desired amount.

We at – pay special attention to structuring the wedding decor pricing for our clients the way that they can be still budget friendly but always stay elegant, beautiful and memorable.

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